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Robot Solving Campaign Challenge

Acting as RoboCo's Story Mode, the RoboCo Campaign is a series of challenges that will test players’ robotics ingenuity. Every challenge is open-ended, and the solutions are as varied as one's creativity.

⚙ Campaign Menu

RoboCo Campaign Menu Example.PNG

Note: Players can also access RoboRepair Tutorials from the campaign menu. To learn more about those, click here.

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⚙ What are Challenges?

Robot Cleaning Dust in Tippy Toe Tidy Up

There are eleven challenges in RoboCo for players to conquer. Challenges are levels within the campaign that require you to build a robot to complete a designated task, including delivering a sandwich, cutting down trees, or fixing a chemical leak. While the challenges vary in their level of required engineering, the goal is simple: complete objectives to earn bits and progress further in the campaign to unlock new parts and environments.

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⚙ List of Campaign Challenges

⚙ What Are RoboRepair Tutorials?

RoboRepair Tutorials Menu

In addition to challenges, the campaign also contains RoboRepair Tutorials. Designed to teach players the basics of RoboCo, each of the tutorials requires you to fix a broken robot using the pre-determined part, tool, or command.

To learn more, click here.

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⚙ How Scoring in the Campaign Works

Players progress through the campaign by earning bits. Players earn six bits by completing a challenge. The number of bits awarded is based on the final score obtained after completing a challenge. There are three factors that impact said score: objective completions, robot cost, and time to complete.

Each challenge has one main objective. Completing each main objective awards 2000 points. Players must also complete the main objective to pass the level. There are also two sub-objectives that, when completed, earn players 1000 points each. Completion of these sub-objectives is not required for progression.

In addition to objectives, there is also a cost associated with each part or construct players used in their robot. The game assigns costs based on a variety of factors including size, weight, and complexity. Players can find the cost of a part or construct by hovering over its icon in the Parts or Constructs menu. The more a robot costs, the lower its score will be. Therefore, players are encouraged to find a balance between cost and functionality if they want to achieve the full six bits awarded from a challenge.

Speed is also an important component of RoboCo’s scoring and reward system. The timer for completing a challenge starts as soon as a player hits play, and the more time it takes for a player to complete a level, the lower their overall score becomes. However, keep in mind that solving additional objectives awards more points, so there may be situations when taking more time can be beneficial.

NOTE: Causing property damage and upsetting humans can negatively affect a player's score. If a player causes too much damage or upsets too many humans, their robot will be shut down and the player will be forced to start the challenge over.

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⚙ Benefits of Beating the Campaign

By earning more bits, players get access to more challenges. Unlocking and completing more challenges also awards access to new parts, which can then be used in earlier challenges.

Each challenge of the campaign also has five secrets for players to discover and solve. Solving a secret unlocks a previously hidden cosmetic. There is no other way to obtain these cosmetics apart from solving the associated secret and, in some cases, players may need a part from later on in the campaign to solve a secret from an earlier level.

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