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RoboCo Warehouse

Acting as RoboCo's creative mode, the RoboCo Sandbox (aka RoboCo Warehouse) is where players can build without constraint and explore the large shipping center-inspired environment.

⚙ Main Objectives[edit]

Since the Sandbox serves as RoboCo's creative mode, there are no clear objectives for players to complete.

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⚙ Locations[edit]

Name Picture
Main Laboratory Sandbox - Main Laboratory.png
Break Room Sandbox - Break Room Picture.PNG
Organics Department Sandbox - Organics Lab.png
Ball Test Zone Sandbox - Ball Test Zone.png
Server Room Sandbox - Server Room.PNG
Obstacle Course Sandbox - Obstacle Course.png
Observation Deck Sandbox - Observation Deck.PNG
Room A-26 Sandbox - A-26 Picture.PNG
Security Room Sandbox - Security Room.png

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⚙ Secrets[edit]

There are seven secrets for players to discover within the RoboCo Sandbox. Wiki community members are encouraged to record their location, description, and rewards in the table below.

Picture Location Description Reward
Secret #1
Secret #2
Secret #3
Secret #4
Secret #5
Secret #6
Secret #7

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⚙ Photos[edit]

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