Wood and Chips Challenge

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Wood and Chips - Aerial.png
Basic Information
Icon Wood and Chips Icon.png
Place in Campaign 4th
Bits Needed to Unlock 18
Total Awarded Bits 6
Featured Part Saws

Wood and Chips is the fourth level in RoboCo's campaign. It takes place in a simulated logging zone where your goal is to chop trees with the might of a modern lumberjack.

⚙ Main Objectives[edit]

The main objective of Wood and Chips is to cut down the trees and load them onto the truck. The trees are pretty tall though, so make sure they don’t fall on the campers.

Completing the main objective earns players one bit and is a requirement for completing the level.

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⚙ Sub-Objectives[edit]

Wood and Chips' sub-objectives are to remove the branches before cutting the trees and keep cut trees in the target zone.

Completing each of these objectives earns players two bits and increases their overall score.

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⚙ Hint[edit]

If you’re having trouble getting your robot to work, try using the saw on the table.

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⚙ Secrets[edit]

Every RoboCo challenge has five secrets for players to uncover and solve. Wiki community members are encouraged to record their location, description, and rewards in the table below.

Picture Location Description Reward
Secret #1 Leaning against the log that the campers are sitting on. Light the campfire. Wooden Plank Take the stick sitting next to the tree stump and rub it against the wood in the fire pit to light the fire.
Secret #2 Inside the tent and between the pages of the Wilderness Survival Guide. ...then make s'mores. More Flowers When the campfire is lit, a camper will get up and grab a bag of marshmallows. Take the metal pick leaning against the stump and stick a marshmallow on top. Set the metal pick next to the fire to roast the marshmallow. Once golden, give it to the other camper who is holding two graham crackers.
Secret #3 On top of the logging truck's windshield. Clear the traffic cones. Police Cap Clear the traffic cones sitting in the way of the logger truck.
Secret #4 Behind the logging area along the wall. Take a picture of the human holding a clipboard. More Mushrooms Grab the camera sitting on top of the tree stump and turn it towards the human holding the clipboard to take a picture.
Secret $5 Behind the tree with the beehive. Bring a flower in the bees. Bee Wings Pluck a flower from the floor and hold it up to the beehive in the tree.

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⚙ Photos[edit]

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⚙ Possible Solution[edit]

SPOILER: This section reveals one way to complete objectives within Wood and Chips. For those that would like to go into challenges completely blind or without assistance, please refrain from watching the linked video.


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