Freights in High Places Challenge

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Freights in High Places - Aerial.png
Basic Information
Icon Freights in High Places Icon.png
Place in Campaign 6th
Bits Needed to Unlock 27
Total Awarded Bits 6
Featured Part None

Freights in High Places is the sixth challenge in RoboCo's campaign. It takes places in a simulated shipping warehouse where the goal is to transport warehouse shelves with care.

⚙ Main Objectives

The main objective of Freights in High Places is to deliver the blue shelf to the back of the Shipping Center. Other friendly robots might get in the way.

Completing the main objective earns players one bit and is a requirement for completing the level.

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⚙ Sub-Objectives

Frights in High Places’ sub-objectives are to deliver the blue shelf without letting any boxes touch the ground and deliver the blue shelf with the pallet of 4 boxes on the shelf.

Completing each of these objectives earns players two bits and increases their overall score.

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⚙ Hint

Try adding pistons to make a robot taller. This will help extend a robot's reach.

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⚙ Secrets

Every RoboCo challenge has five secrets for players to uncover and solve. Wiki community members are encouraged to record their location, description, and rewards in the table below.

Picture Location Description Reward
Secret #1 Tucked in the bottom shelf of a cubby next to the office. Put a hard hat on the worker missing one. Hard Hat There's a hard hat next to its secret tablet. Grab that hard hat and put it on the bald construction worker.
Secret #2 Underneath the second crate shelf to the right of the build zone. Find a place where mice live. Cat Ear Along the wall to the right-hand side of the build zone, there's a room hidden behind three boxes. Move the boxes to find the entrance and enter the mice's home.
Secret #3 Leaning against the wall of the sleeping worker's office. Put a shelf on the roof of the sleeping worker's office. Spoiler Take one of the shelves and put it on the roof of the sleeping worker's office.
Secret #4 Bottom shelf of the red cart with the vases on it. Transfer the vase pallet to the red shelf without damage. Cardboard Box There are vases sitting on a red cart next to the conveyer belt. Take the palette those vases are sitting on and place them on the second red shelf in the back right corner of the room.
Secret $5 Leaning against a box on the second-story shelf of a crate shelving unit near the back left corner of the room. Retrieve and open the unmarked crate. Compact Rail There's a crate with a handle sitting on the same shelf as its secret tablet. Grab that crate and open it to solve the secret.

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⚙ Photos

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⚙ Possible Solution

SPOILER: This section reveals one way to complete objectives within Freights in High Places. For players that would like to go into challenges completely blind or without assistance, please refrain from watching the linked video.


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