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Paint Theme Menu

RoboCo has a painting tool accessible via the Materials Menu and/or the Paint Tool. The texture feature allows players to customize their robot even further.

⚙ Painting Using the Paint Themes Menu

Using the Paint Themes Menu, players can edit and apply color themes to their robots. Parts in this menu are divided into one of five categories: primary, secondary, tertiary, rods, and mechanical. Once a player has selected a color for each category, they can hit apply and all colors will be applied to their robot automatically.

Additionally, players can also use this menu to save custom color themes, duplicate color themes, and apply textures to parts of their robot. Players can access their saved paint themes by clicking the Save button within the menu.

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⚙ Painting Using the Paint Tool

Painting with the Detail Tool

The Paint Tool is an alternative to the Paint Themes Menu that allows players to paint colors onto their robot directly. When painting, players can either paint parts individually by clicking them one-by-one or in a group by holding down the right mouse button.

It contains three different modes: theme mode, fill mode, and detail mode.

Theme Mode

A more basic version of the Paint Themes Menu, this option allows players to select a theme and paint it directly onto their robot. Players can select from either preset RoboCo themes or their own from within the tool.

Fill Mode

Fill mode allows players to select one color and apply that color to an entire part or construct. Be aware that painting using this mode will override any theme previously applied to the robot.

Detail Mode

Detail mode allows players to paint individual aspects of parts or constructs (like the border on a block). Like with Fill Mode, painting with Detail Mode will override any previously existing paint theme.

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⚙ The Color Picker

Color Picker

RoboCo also added a color picker to give players even more options when it comes to finding colors. To access the color picker, click the blue eyedropper tool button inside the color you want to change.

There are three ways players can select colors: the hex code, the eyedropper, and the color slider.

Using Hex Codes

If players have a particular color in mind and know the hex code for that color, they can input the hex code directly into RoboCo.

Using the Eyedropper Tool

The eyedropper tool allows players to select a color directly from the in-game environment, like the shade of green that borders a build-zone.

Using the Color Wheel

For players that don't have a particular color in mind or are uninterested in using a color from the environment, they can use the color slider. Players can choose between different colors with this option and different shades of a color (like dark red versus light red). The color slider also provides the hex code for the selected color.

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⚙ Textures

Texture Tool

Using the Paint Tool, players can also select different textures to cover their robot. Currently, there are 15 different textures for players to choose from, including a brushed metal texture, a flannel texture, and a brick texture. Players can use either the Paint Theme Menu to apply textures automatically or the Paint Tool if they would like to apply them directly to their robot.

Note: As of now, these textures can only be applied to smooth parts like smooth blocks, smooth bends, etc. See our full list of smooth parts on our Parts Page.

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