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In 2021, RoboCo collaborated with robotics non-profit FIRST Global to produce their first-ever virtual robotics challenge. Called The FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge (or FGRC21), over 37 countries participated in a two-month long challenge to build the best robots. Learn more at fgrc21.roboco.co.

⚙ Structure[edit]

The challenge season was divided into 3 rounds of competitive play: Qualifiers, Playoffs, and Finals.

Each round of the challenge started when the game board was released. Game boards are objective-based scenarios (AKA puzzle spaces) in RoboCo. Each board was comprised of 1 main objective, 2 sub-objectives, and 5 “secret” objectives, and each was associated with one round of the challenge. Once participants downloaded the game board, they worked within their country-based teams to build a robot that could achieve the highest score possible then submitted a video of their best run.

To complete each round, FIRST Global and Filament Games streamed a video broadcast showcasing all participants’ challenge runs, complete with announcer commentary and scoring for every team.

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⚙ Scoring[edit]

In the game, quantitative results were generated during the team’s run and include the following criteria.


Additionlly, expert judges reviewed team submissions and scored them based on the following qualitative criteria and detailed judging rubric.


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⚙ Results[edit]

Team Algeria's Ruby
Team Algeria's Elliot
Team Algeria's Morgana

On December 18, 2021, FIRST Global and Filament Games crowned the first-ever Season Champion - Team Algeria. Their robots included Ruby (Qualifiers), Elliot (Playoffs), and Morgana (Finals).

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⚙ Awards[edit]

In addition to crowning an overall winner for FGRC21, there were also awards for the most aesthetic robot, most creative robot, most elegantly engineered robot, fastest robot, most cost-effective robot, and highest scoring robot.

Most Aesthetic Robot Winners[edit]

  • Gold - Morgana from Team Algeria (Finals)
  • Silver - Robo Grandeur from Team Palestine (Qualifiers)
  • Bronze - KOFETARICA from Team Slovenia (Playoffs)

Most Creative Robot Winners[edit]

  • Gold - THESTAGV3 from Team Seychelles (Finals)
  • Silver - CRAZYVICK from Team People’s Republic of China (Finals)
  • Bronze - Robogee from Team Hope (Qualifiers)

Most Elegantly Engineered Robot Winners[edit]

  • Gold - NEOWOODHACKER Sri Lanka (Finals)
  • Silver - CORO from Team Venezuela (Finals)
  • Bronze - R2045 TECHNONATURA from Team Indonesia (Finals)

Fastest Robot Winners - Qualifiers[edit]

  • Gold (Tie) - THE R2045 from Team Indonesia & THESTAG from Team Seychelles
  • Silver (Tie) - STPCHEF from Team Sao Tome and Principe & A’SHI from Team Syria
  • Bronze (Tie) - DEUTEROKOMAT12 from Team Greece, IRAQ from Team Iraq, RAVINALA from Team Madagascar, and EXTERMINATOR from Team Poland

Most Cost-Effective Winners - Qualifiers[edit]

  • Gold - EXTERMINATOR from Team Poland
  • Silver - The R2045 from Team Indonesia
  • Bronze - A’shi from Team Syria

Highest Score - Qualifiers[edit]

  • Gold - RUBY from Team Algeria
  • Silver - STEAMPUNK from Team Sri Lanka
  • Bronze - EXTERMINATOR from Team Poland

Fastest Robot Winners - Playoffs[edit]

  • Gold - THESTAGV2 from Team Seychelles
  • Silver - R2045 from Team Indonesia
  • Bronze - Butler Mecha MK 3 from Team Cuba

Most Cost-Effective Winners - Playoffs[edit]

  • Gold - Exterminator V2 from Team Poland
  • Silver - R2045 from Team Indonesia
  • Bronze - BOKii from Team Montenegro

Highest Score - Playoffs[edit]

  • Gold - Elliot from Team Algeria
  • Silver - COFFEE CHAMPION ULTIMATE from Team Burkina Faso
  • Bronze - R2045 from Team Indonesia

Fastest Robot Winners - Finals[edit]

  • Gold - B.R.U.C.E from Team Australia
  • Silver - R2045 TECHNONATURA from Team Indonesia
  • Bronze - THESTAGV3 from Team Seychelles

Most Cost-Effective Winners - Finals[edit]

  • Gold - Morgana from Team Algeria
  • Silver - THESTAGV3 from Team Seychelles
  • Bronze - MR WOOD from Team Burkina Faso

Highest Score - Playoffs[edit]

  • Gold - Morgana from Team Algeria
  • Silver - CORO from Team Venezuela
  • Bronze - R2045 TECHNONATURA from Team Indonesia

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